BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent shares punishing morning routine - including Bill Turnbull's top tip for 3.45am starts

Sally Nugent is to be the new regular BBC Breakfast presenter from Monday to Wednesday (BBC)
Sally Nugent has shared her morning routine. (BBC)

Breakast news presenters have to set alarms that would make most of us wince - and BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent has explained how she copes with getting up in the wee hours.

Nugent, 50, took over as the BBC One news show's regular presenter alongside Dan Walker after Louise Minchin left last year, but has had years of early starts for the programme.

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In an interview with The Sunday Times, she shared: "My alarm goes off at 3.45am. I don't have a loud, scary one that gives you a coronary. I use a light box that gently wakes me. I have a back-up phone alarm set every five minutes from 3.50am. Touch wood, I've never had to use it."

Sally Nugent presents 'BBC Breakfast' with Dan Walker. (Getty Images)
Sally Nugent presents 'BBC Breakfast' with Dan Walker. (Getty Images)

She then went on to describe her morning routine, which begins with checking overnight briefing notes, confirmed guests and political developments.

Nugent makes time for a shower and five minutes of yoga while waiting for the kettle to boil, and makes sure she lays her clothes out the night before.

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She then sets off for work at 4.15am and added: "I don't wake my husband or son. I'm a tiptoer. I have years of experience."

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The early show presenters take different views on what to do after work. (BBC/Jeff Overs)

The TV presenter said she arrives at work at 4.50am ahead of the show's 6am start and goes straight into hair and make-up, followed by editorial meetings.

But Nugent shared that just as important as her early morning routine is what she does after work, which includes following a top tip that former BBC Breakfast host Bill Turnbull gave her.

She said that co-host Walker preferred to stay up for the rest of the day, but explained that she liked to go back to bed: "It's an old bit of Bill Turnbull wisdom. It's never more than an hour. Then I get up and start my day again. You have to be really careful on breakfast shows that you don't do the double breakfast. It's notorious."

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