BBC Breakfast hosts pay tribute to Bill Turnbull on his birthday

BBC Breakfast hosts Sally Nugent and Nina Warhurst appeared emotional as they paid tribute to their late co-host on what would have been his 67th birthday.

Video transcript


SALLY NUGENT: What a man. What a great man. Would have been his birthday today.

NINA WARHURST: --memories for you?

SALLY NUGENT: Yeah, very much so. He's just brilliant to work with, brilliant to know. Very, very kind, very, very wise. And as we saw in that piece there, really private. So for him to talk about his health was a really big deal. That's how important it was to him.

NINA WARHURST: And a lovely dad, which is--

SALLY NUGENT: Oh, a brilliant dad. What great dad advice that was, rely on yourself.