BBC Antiques Roadshow's Fiona Bruce's love life - office romance to lockdown drama

Fiona Bruce
-Credit: (Image: WireImage)

Fiona Bruce, famed for her presenting duties on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow since 2008 and other notable shows such as Fake or Fortune, Question Time and Treasures of the British Library, typically prefers a shielded personal life. Yet, we do know a bit about her longstanding and rarely-seen husband, Nigel Sharrocks.

The couple sparked up their romance 30 years ago back in the mid nineties, after meeting at advertising agency where Nigel held the position of company director and Fiona was an employee. They exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony in Islington in July 1994.

Two bundles of joy joined their family with the birth of their son Sam in 1998, followed by daughter Mia in 2001. The hardworking mum and presenter faced some criticism when she hurried back to her duties on Crimewatch just 16 days after giving birth to baby Mia.

Addressing the comments, Fiona said at the time: "I am not some mad career monster. I don't want people to think I'm setting a terribly bad example here the last thing I would advocate is women rushing back to work with a baby."

She disclosed to the Telegraph that juggling family duties whilst presenting Panorama was a balancing act, saying: "There was always a point at which I thought, 'If I leave now, I can make bathtime', and I'd get really irritable and try to rattle through stuff.", reports the Daily Star.

In 2017, she opened up about her home life to the Daily Mail, saying: "I know it must sound absurd but we have a nanny. Clare has been with us for 19 years. Obviously we don't need a nanny any more, but she's part of our family."

Nanny Clare left the position around the time Mia was sitting her GCSEs, yet she remains "a firm family friend". The working mum conundrum is real for Fiona, as she told Good Housekeeping: "I think scratch the surface of any working woman and she will always think, 'Probably not.' I don't think there's such a thing as quality time with your children. I think it's quantity."

Fiona's husband Nigel keeps out of the spotlight, but she does let slip some sweet family tales like when Nigel turned hairdresser during lockdown. Recounting the tale in 2020, she said, "I had a complete crisis with my roots. And then my husband watched a video on YouTube and coloured my hair for me. He didn't help he did it. He will be mortified I told you that! ".

The couple enjoy their London life in Belsize Park and also escape to their second home in Sydenham, Oxfordshire.