The Bay viewers react to shock death of key character

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Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV
Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV

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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for The Bay season 2 including episode 3. If you haven't yet watched it and don't want to know what happens, stop reading now.

ITV's The Bay is back for a second season in thrilling fashion as Lisa, Tony and the team in Morecambe investigate the brutal killing of a local lawyer.

Morven Christie is back as Family Liason Officer Lisa Armstrong, on thin ice with her boss DI Tony Manning (Daniel Ryan) after her indiscretions in series one. The tables have turned as DS “Med” Kharim (Taheen Modak) is now the FLO calling the shots, with Lisa following his orders.

Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV
Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV

In episode one, lawyer Stephen Marshbrook (Stephen Tompkinson) was shot on his doorstep during a family barbecue, watched on by his young son, Oliver.

The nature of the killing pointed to the fact a professional hitman was hired to end Stephen's life.

Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV
Photo credit: Ben Blackall - ITV

As the police team investigated the hit against Stephen, they spoke to various key members of the family law firm he worked for, combed through client lists and grilled employees. It started to become clear the firm wasn't squeaky clean and it seemed like the partners were hiding something.

Namely, their involvement with a so-called property company called Breakwater, which was involved in the sales of local properties for way above their valuation prices.

Aiming to get to the bottom of Breakwater, Med set out unaccompanied to visit the properties and ask questions. In the process, the criminals behind Breakwater decided he needed to be removed from the picture and Med was tragically killed in a hit and run.

Photo credit: Jonny Birch - ITV
Photo credit: Jonny Birch - ITV

Viewers were very sorry to see Med, a key character in the show and an all-round likeable guy, killed off.

It's not just viewers who are heartbroken. In the show, Lisa and Tony are bereft without Med on the team and seem intent on finding out who killed him. It remains to be seen whether they'll succeed in securing justice.

The Bay season 2 airs on ITV.

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