The Bay: viewers praise series for important storyline in episode three

ITV's popular crime drama, The Bay, continued with its third episode on Wednesday night and viewers are praising the series for its important storyline.

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The most recent episode gave more of an insight into the personal lives of the Rahman family and saw Adnan land in hot water at the end of the episode.

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It was a scene at the beginning of the episode, however, that caught the attention of viewers who took to Twitter to praise the "touching" scene between DS Karen Hobson (Erin Shanagher) and Jamal (Nadeem Islam). After witnessing an argument between his mum and brother following her excessive drinking, Jamal signs to Karen: "They think because I can't hear, I don't listen".

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One fan tweeted: "Lovely BSL scene at the beginning of #TheBay, actually found it very touching and I’m so happy that deaf people are getting represented here!" while another person agreed, adding: "'They think because I can't hear, I don't listen.' The whole scene. The writing. The BSL. The care and dedication to the pacing of the scene. The acting. The hook at the end... WOW. Talk about a masterclass."


Fans praised a "touching" scene between Jamal and DS Karen

Another viewer praised the show for "breaking down barriers" as well as giving representation to the deaf community, writing: "When a drama delivers a great storyline and helps break down barriers like they have done with #BSL it's definitely a good and positive thing. Well done for everyone's hard work and an excellent script."

Many fans were left stunned by the last scene of the episode which saw Jordan Rooney (Conor Lowson) threaten Adnan (Michael Karim) with a knife. After a struggle to the ground, Adnan ended up stabbing Jordan with his own knife.


Viewers learnt more about the personal lives of the Rahman family

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on the shock ending, with one person writing: "WOW #TheBay Another brilliant episode," while another added: "Another gripping watch episode three #TheBay, and what an ending!"

A third person commented: "Blimey! I never saw that coming!! This drama just gets better and better!! Absolutely brilliant!"

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