The Bay season three ending explained: who killed Saif?

The new season of ITV's much-loved drama, The Bay, came to a shocking end on Tuesday night when Saif's killer was finally revealed. If you need a breakdown of what went down in episode six, then look no further.

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The series follows new family liaison officer DS Jenn Townsend, who is thrown into the deep end - quite literally - on her first day when the body of a young aspiring boxer is found floating in the bay.

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The Bay season three ending explained

The first episode begins with Chris waking up on the sofa following an argument with Jenn the night before. The teacher isn't the only one feeling sorry for himself though, as Erin's guilty-looking face suggests that she's starting to realise that her behaviour towards Conor might have had something to do with it.

Meanwhile, Jenn heads to the boxing gym after Mariam asks her to collect Saif's belongings. While looking at the trophies, Jenn realises that Saif's friend and supposed sparring partner, Ritchie, had been the club's champion before Saif joined.

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Suspecting that Ritchie may have harboured feelings of jealousy towards Saif, Jenn orders his arrest and after a swab is taken, it is revealed that his DNA matches the blood found on Saif's broken phone. When Ritchie insists that he didn't kill Saif, the police continue to question his girlfriend Shirin in the hopes that she'll shed some light on the situation.


Jenn asks Erin for her help with the case

Jenn returns home and asks Erin for her help with the case. Showing her a list of the people who attended Saif's funeral, Jenn asks the teenager if there is anyone on the list who Ritchie could be protecting. Instead, Erin seems surprised that Kyle, Molly's brother, was in attendance and reveals that the two were never friends, contradicting Kyle's previous remarks in the first episode.

With this revelation, Jess heads to the car repair garage run by Kyle's family, searching for the car with the distinctive stripe which was spotted on the CCTV on the night of Saif's death. After spotting a glossy BMW in the garage, she scratches the paintwork to reveal the black and white stripe.

Having witnessed this, Kyle takes off in the car while Jenn calls for backup. After a brief car chase, the police catch up with Kyle and take him to the station for questioning.


Kyle is revealed to be the murderer

Finally, Ritchie, Kyle and Shirin reveal the truth of what happened to Saif. It turns out that Kyle had been hanging around Saif and Ritchie, despite the fact that they didn't like him.

After deciding that he was fed up with Saif being idolised at the boxing club, Ritchie asked Shirin to lure him to the back entrance of the gym so he could rough him up.

When Saif arrives at the boxing club, Shirin leads him to the back before heading back inside and locking the door. Ritchie confronts the boxer while Kyle lurks in the background, and the pair soon get into a fistfight. When Saif tackles Ritchie to the ground, Kyle steps in a hits Saif over the head with a pipe.

Horrified by Kyle's actions, Ritchie flees the scene. Kyle stays with Saif and beats him to death. Kyle then calls his dad, Michael, who helps him dispose of the body.


Jenn and Chris stay together in the end

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Ritchie, Kyle and Shirin will all be charged with conspiracy to murder, while Michael will be charged with aiding and abetting.

The finale concludes with Mariam planning to conquer her alcohol addiction using the help of ex-boyfriend Ray, while Erin apologises to Conor for her previous mean behaviour, leaving Jenn and Chris relieved. The couple decide to continue living together and the family head out to the seafront for a chippy tea.

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