After The Batman II's Delay, Colin Farrell's The Penguin Trailer Shows Why Robert Pattinson's Gotham Is So Exciting

 Colin Farrell in The Penguin trailer.
Colin Farrell in The Penguin trailer.

The superhero genre continues to dominate pop culture, thanks to a number of shared universes that are competing for box office supremacy. But Matt Reeves' The Batman wasn't set within the DCEU, and that little universe is expanding thanks to the spinoff series The Penguin, which will be available for those with a Max subscription. After The Batman Part II was delayed, the trailer for The Penguin showed Robert Pattinson's Gotham City is still so exciting.

What we know about The Penguin is limited, but fans were eager to see Colin Farrell's title character become a bigger player in Gotham City. Fans have not-so-patiently been waiting to see Reeves' universe return, and the above trailer teases what a dark and gritty tale we'll be getting when The Penguin arrives on Max this fall.

The trailer opens of Farrell's title character explaining some of Oswald Cobblepot's backstory in this universe, and an altruistic gangster that used to take an interest in his childhood neighborhood. It sounds like he wants that power and adulation as a crime boss in Gotham City, and smart money says he'll go extreme lengths.

The clip of Colin Farrell's monologue intercut with other footage from The Penguin, and it looks things are definitely going to get bloody. We see guns, knives and more used to exact his will, and are introduced to some of the supporting characters that will occupy the upcoming DC show.

Colin Farrell in The Penguin trailer
Colin Farrell in The Penguin trailer

Some familiar faces from The Penguin cast list include Cristin Milioti, Clancy Brown, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's Michael Zegen, and House of Cards' Michael Kelly. It should be interesting to see how they factor into the story, and if any of them make the leap from TV to film for The Batman's sequel.

Since The Batman Part II was delayed a full calendar year, the success of The Penguin suddenly feels all the more important to burgeoning franchise. Farrell's series will have to help satiate fan excitement for the property, and keep them waiting for Reeves' full theatrical sequel with Robert Pattinson. So no pressure for this TV experiment.

The Batman set itself apart from other adaptations of the DC hero thanks to where it set place in the Dark Knight's crimefighting journey. Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne had only been a vigilante for a few years, and we watched as he fought his first bonafide supervillain with Paul Dano's Riddler. But Penguin is gaining influence over Gotham City, and smart money says Farrell's unrecognizable antagonist will be a more substantial threat in the sequel.

The Penguin doesn't currently have a release date, but it's expected to arrive on Max sometime in the fall. As for The Batman's sequel, it's now going to hit theaters October 2nd, 2026. In the meantime, check out the TV premiere list.