This bathroom grout cleaning hack from TikTok is so simple

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Photo credit: Олег Зайкин - Getty Images
Photo credit: Олег Зайкин - Getty Images

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We thought TikTok would be a short obsession, but here we are eight months later using it as a source of information. First came the beauty tips, now comes the cleaning hacks.

Users are all over this bathroom cleaning hack, which promises to make dirty grout look brand new, using products you might have access to already.

Shared by @sarah_nde, the TikTok video shows how she removed a build-up of dirt from her tiles by using toilet cleaner. She pours a thin layer of toilet cleaner (bleach, essentially) over her grout, and left it to sit for a few minutes, before scrubbing away at the dirt with a toothbrush.

Soon the dirt started to lift, and while we didn't get down to the original colour of the grout (Sarah says it was meant to be light pink), the difference was pretty impressive.

Unsurprisingly, users were all over the hack, considering toilet cleaner can cost a couple of quid. "Wow, totally trying this," one person wrote, while another added, "I'm giving this a go immediately!" A third said, "Can't believe how dirty all our tiles probs are 😬"

Before you go running to the bathroom floor, though, the experts over at Victorian Plumbing have some advice to share.

"Toilet cleaner contains high levels of powerful acidic chemicals and using this solution can cause damage to tile grout," they explain. "Instead, use a diluted bleach solution - and don’t forget to wear protective gloves and open a window."

In short, yes toilet cleaner works, but maybe water it down a little to protect your tiles.

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