A bath bomb basically turned this woman into a Smurf

Bath time gone wrong thanks to a bath bomb. (Photo: Twitter/rebekahGbutler)
Bath time gone wrong thanks to a bath bomb. (Photo: Twitter/rebekahGbutler)

Bath lovers beware: The latest bath bomb trend could have you looking like a Smurf in mere minutes.

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as relaxing in warm water among a sea of bubbles and a good book, but one woman’s “me time” quickly turned disastrous when she realized her new Galaxy bath bomb was turning her skin blue.

Rebekah Butler took to Twitter to warn others of the bath bomb’s intensity.

“Ladies… don’t you dare buy the Galaxy bath bomb from Kroger. Seriously,” she tweeted. “I was in the bath for a solid five minutes and now I am a freaking smurf. It seriously dyed my skin.”

Twitter was quick to respond to Butler’s warning.

And others couldn’t help but laugh at Butler’s misfortune.

Her tweets have since been hidden, but according to, Butler said it wasn’t just her skin that suffered from the short-lived soak; her bathtub was also dyed blue. It took “hours” of scrubbing to remove the blue hue from her tub, and as for her skin? Some 13 washes and one day later, her skin still had a blue tone to it.

While there hasn’t been an update on Butler’s current skin tone, we’re hoping she’s looking less blue these days.

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