Baskin-Robbins' New Flavor Of The Month Is All About Thanksgiving Sides

Baskin-Robbins' Turkey Day Fixin's flavor
Baskin-Robbins' Turkey Day Fixin's flavor - Baskin-Robbins / BusinessWire

For foodies who look forward to the side dishes more than the actual Thanksgiving turkey, Baskin-Robbins just made a Flavor of the Month in your honor. Introducing "Turkey Day Fixin's." It boasts a sweet potato ice cream base (made with real sweet potatoes), swirled with Autumn Spice ice cream, which is flavored with classic holiday spices cinnamon, cardamom, clove, sage, and thyme. The swirled ice creams are loaded with honey cornbread pieces and ripples of cranberry sauce (made with Ocean Spray cranberries). The limited-edition flavor will only be around until the end of November, so Thanksgiving-loving foodies, keep an eye on the calendar.

It looks like the ice cream giant is playing to a younger, social-media-oriented audience. On X (the platform formerly known as Twitter), Baskin Robbins' account bio reads "Turkey Day Fixin's is like if you made girl dinner for Thanksgiving." The company explains the motivation behind the new flavor in a Tweet: "It's always turkey this, turkey that. that's why our Flavor of the Month is about giving the sides main dish energy." For turkey fans, Baskin-Robbins' iconic seasonal Turkey Cake is coming back this year, too. It's a creative ice cream cake shaped like a roasted turkey, stuffed with ice cream, and decorated with sugar cone "legs" and a caramel praline glaze.

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Nobody Puts Accouterments In The Corner

Baskin-Robbins Turkey Cake
Baskin-Robbins Turkey Cake - Baskin-Robbins / BusinessWire

Baskin-Robbins teased the new holiday flavor with an Instagram post, asking "How do we end the Thanksgiving slides debate?" with the caption "new flavor idea loading." Some fans guessed that there would be a vanilla-cranberry flavor, while others guessed, "Y'all about to throw stuffing in ice cream aren't you." So far, reactions have been mixed. One X user commented, "Sounds gross but I'd try anything twice." Another fan thought that the flavor would likely take a long time to catch on and sell in stores, as Thanksgiving doesn't roll around for a few more weeks. (A non-discouraged @baskinrobbins replied, "We're just here to take your Friendsgivings up a notch ok.")

Past November flavors have been a lot more conventional-sounding. It was Cookie Butter in 2022 and Snickerdoodle Chai in 2021. But, it's been an era of change for the beloved ice cream chain. Baskin-Robbins' Flavor of the Month in October 2022 was loaded with ultra-spicy ghost peppers. The company even dropped a new logo last year. So, could stuffing ice cream land on the menu? Who knows? Recent industry trends have seen a larger shift toward savory ice cream flavors. Van Leeuwen recently launched a mac and cheese flavored ice cream, plus the potato-forward "malted milkshake & fries" with onion powder as a primary ingredient.

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