Barely a day after launch, Starfield already has over 100 mods

 Person typing on laptop in front of many screens
Person typing on laptop in front of many screens

Betheda's RPGs have always been highly moddable, and that's great because—let's be honest—Bethesda's RPGs always need a lot of help. Beyond bug fixes and optimization mods there are also new quests, locations, weapons, gear, and characters constantly being added by Bethesda's industrious and creative modding community. Right now there over 60,000 mods for Skyrim Special Edition and nearly 50,000 mods for Fallout 4, with downloads of those mods totaling in the billions.

So, it's not exactly a surprise that modders are diving right into Starfield, though it's impressive that less than 24 hours after the RPG went into its five day early access period, there are already over 100 mods available for download.

Many are the sort of things you'd expect to see in the days after a new game arrives: reshades, intro-skips, menu and UI tweaks, and a few mods dedicated to stuff that can be handled with Starfield console commands like adding lockpicks to your character. But even though it's the earliest of days and there are thousands more mods to look forward to in the near future, here are a few mods you should aware of right now:

Starfield Upscaler: Swaps FSR for DLSS, from the same modder (PureDark) who also did it for Fallout 4.

Cleanfield: Removes intro videos and message of the day for a faster start and prettier main menu.

Move or Disable XP Bar: Don't like the XP meter hovering your crosshairs? No one does! Why is it there? This fixes it. Requires an .ini tweak to work.

Achievement Enabler: Using mods disables achievements. This mod reenables them. Take that!

Dualsense PS5 Icons: If you play with a PS controller, this will make the on-screen icons match your controller buttons.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled daily to see what the modding community comes up next. If you spot any mods you think other players should know about, drop us a line in the comments below!