Barbiecore icon Paris Hilton makes surprise catwalk appearance

With the Y2K revival (and its follow-up, the McBling aesthetic) going strong season after season, we've seen a whole host of noughties trends making a comeback: from trucker caps, to hip-hugging jeans and itsy-bitsy halter tops. Regardless of which slice of the era you're hoping to imitate, the main poster girl for the aesthetic will always be Paris Hilton.

The heiress, socialite and the potential inventor of the selfie spent the decade crafting an instantly recognisable look featuring party girl dresses, irreverent slogan tees and low slung pleated skirts. Oh, and of course, pink-on-pink-on-pink. In fact, Paris was all over the Barbiecore trend before it even had a name, whether it was pink phones, pink cars or pink Juicy Couture tracksuits. Heck, she's even rocked a pink bob!

Now, the world has caught up as the Barbiecore trend has been seen on everyone from Lizzo to Zendaya to Margot Robbie (who is, of course, starring in the Barbie movie which seems to have reignited the trend).

But the fashion world is ready to give Paris her dues, it seems. At least Donatella Versace is, with the woman behind the Versace brand bringing Paris our for a very special Milan Fashion Week cameo. Specifically, Paris closed the Versace show on Friday (23 September) wearing a look that is every inch a Barbie bridal dream.

The fit in question was a shimmering, scoop neck mini dress in hot pink. So far, so Y2k. However, plot twist, the look was topped with some majorly 80s accessories including neon pink fingerless gloves, day glo pink stilettos, a huge veil and a pendant featuring a kitsch diamanté star.

Not for the fainthearted, but personally we'd love to be wearing this on our wedding day...

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