Barbie Ferreira feeling 'really happy' after taking break

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Barbie Ferreira is in a place where she's "really happy".

In August, the 26-year-old actress quit her role as Kat Hernandez in Euphoria after four years following rumours of on-set tension with creator Sam Levinson.

In an interview with Flaunt magazine, Barbie was asked about her current levels of happiness, and wasn't shy in revealing how good she's feeling right now.

"I'm actually really happy," she beamed. "Sometimes things get a little too overwhelming, and I don't have the time to really process my emotions, but now I've had a lot of time to process my emotions recently. It's been really just wonderful. I've taken a break, I went on vacation, I saw my family. And now I'm ready to go back at it."

Elsewhere in the chat, the Nope star expressed her gratitude for being a working actor and noted that she's happy to poke fun of herself and her career.

"Actors have the most dramatic personalities, or they can be the opposite, but we are usually dramatic people, and we usually tend to be very emotional. You get 'babied' a lot," she shrugged. "But you have to realise that you have it so good. You're very privileged to have all these things that you get to do. You get to feel financially secure. Not a lot of job security, but much more than the average person.

"So you have to make fun of yourself. If I'm having a tough time, I always remember that I'm exactly where I want to be, and this is such a rare opportunity. It just surprises me everyday."