Barack Obama receives impromptu serenade by all-female choir on balcony in Denmark

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Barack Obama was treated to an impromptu serenade by an all-female choir on a balcony this week, while in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As the former president was visiting the Danish capital for the 2022 Copenhagen Democracy Summit, he walked out of his hotel, Hotel d’Angleterre, and heard a choir group singing on a balcony across the street.

On Instagram, The Ung Klang choir noted how the 60-year-old politician had looked up at them and asked: “Hello what are you doing?” In chorus, the women answered, “We’re singing.” The ex-president replied, “Oh, let me hear”.

In response, the group sang a rendition of the song “In Denmark I Was Born”. Once their performance ended, Obama went on to give the singers a round of applause and a compliment, as he said, “Wow, that was fantastic.”

He then asked the singers about their group and what they do.

In the caption of their Instagram post, The Ung Klang choir emphasised what a “great experience” it was to sing for the former president.

“He wishes us a good day and gets in his car and drives away,” they wrote about Obama. “One has to say that this morning was a little more unusual than our regular practitioners and we have to admit that it just took an hour before we had fallen to the ground again. Great day, great experience.”

According to the choir’s official website, the group is “an artistic community that utilises the individual strengths to create a strong, unique common expression and product”. They also described “friendship” as their “foundation,” which helps “reflect” their work.

Along with concerts, they’ve performed on “commercials, television, and other special events”.

Obama also praised the group on his own Instagram, where he posted a video of them singing from the building.

“When I was in Copenhagen, I ran into this group of singers who were rehearsing on their balcony. They were fantastic,” he wrote in the caption.

Fans of the politician praised his reaction to the performance and The Ung Klang choir in the comments.

“I love the aesthetic and the atmosphere! It must have been their honour and yours as well, Mister President!” one wrote.

“Thank you Mr Obama,” another wrote. “My friends’ friend actually filmed you from the balcony while singing, and it was obvious that you and your staff really enjoyed that very improvised moment.”

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