Baptiste Giabiconi: Eight Reasons Why The Male Model Is Katy Perry's Perfect Boyfriend

Can Karl Lagerfeld add matchmaker to his list of many talents? Because amongst the crystal stalagmites at the Chanel show last week, Katy Perry met the designer’s male muse, Baptiste Giabiconi — and apparement, fell madly in love. Mere days later, sources say the pair are ‘inseparable.’

Baptiste Giabiconi, Katy Perry and Karl Lagerfeld Chanel show, Autumn Winter 2012, Paris

Although neither party have confirmed that they are indeed smooching, the rumours have reignited our fascination with Monsieur Giabiconi. He certainly makes a chiselled change from Katy’s ex-husband Russell Brand who has been snapped persisting with the leg warmers/love guru look recently, hurtling him down Grazia's Chart of Lust. So let's indulge our fascination, shall we, with some more tasty tit-bits about Perry’s alleged new beau…

Baptiste Giabiconi chanel campaign.jpg

1. He's Karl's main boy toy. It was back in 2009 when Unkle K first took a shine to the be-quiffed Baptiste and put him, well, everywhere from Chanel campaigns and catwalks to the pages of French Vogue. 'He looks like me – well, maybe a better-looking version of me from a long time ago,' the designer says, which is a seal of approval if ever we heard one.

Baptiste Giabiconi: Is This Really Katy Perry's New Boyfriend?

2. His blue steel is like no other. Err, Derek Zoolander who?! The smouldering stare, the cocked eyebrow, the rouge pout and that perfectly poised hand! Words fail us, in a good way.

3. He's a wannabe pop star. Not only does Bap LOOK like a member of the Backstreet Boys, but he can actually SING! What a man of many talents. So will the couple make sweet music together and create pure pop gold? Watch the model crooning (and blowing up a car) for his first single, Showtime, above. K-Pez would fit in perfectly, no?

Baptiste Giabiconi dancing with the stars katy perry

4. He can DANCE too. Oh yes, Baptiste pulled on his dancing shoes for France's second season of Dancing With the Stars, which saw him performing a speedy jive to the Friends theme song. One word: epic.

Baptiste Giabiconi rachel bilson magnum.jpg

5. And he can act! (ish). Not only did Baptiste play Kristen McMenamy's Godson in Chanel's 30-minute film The Tale of a Fairy, but he bagged a starring role alongside Rachel Bilson in those Magnum ads too. Can you guess who directed them both? Clue: he has a white ponytail.

Baptiste Giabiconi

6. He inspired a chocolate statue. Speaking of Karl's partnership with the ice cream bar, the designer created — and subsequently stroked — a life-size Baptiste, made entirely of Belgian chocolate. Hmm, yummy.

Baptiste Giabiconi- Is This Really Katy Perry's New Boyfriend turban.jpg

7. He gives good turban. At the Chanel Cruise 2012 show, the pro-catwalker showcased some androgynous white headgear that gave Carrie Bradshaw a run for her turban-wearing money.

Baptiste Giabiconi naked interview magazine.jpg

8. He has a killer bod. The Kaiser is known for photographing his favorite set of abs wearing nothing but a quizzical expression, so his shoot of Baptiste in the buff for Interview magazine was nothing new. But it proved that Baptiste ain't afraid of err, letting loose. 'I don't have any problem posing naked,' he said. Well, we can see that, dear.

So with all evidence assessed, we've come to one conclusion: he's a keeper, Katy! But what do you make of our Baptiste? Have your say in the box below...

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