Banza Now Has 2 New Plant-Based Frozen Pizzas, and We're Floored by the Flavor and Protein!

Banza, maker of chickpea pasta and frozen chickpea pizza crust, has added plant-based frozen pizza options to its line-up. One is a Plant-Based Cheese pizza made with Follow Your Heart vegan mozzarella, and one is a vegetarian Supreme pizza, which is made with Beyond Meat sausage crumbles - note this pizza is made with real dairy cheese. The crust made from chickpeas is not only gluten-free, but it's higher in protein and fiber compared to other frozen pizzas, which makes these a more filling option.

I popped them in the oven and snapped some pics, so read on to see photos of this pizza all hot and bubbly. You can also see the list of ingredients, nutritional info, and find out where you can pick up one of these pizzas for yourself.

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