Bandera the Ukrainian cat dresses up as his country's heroes

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This cat, from the city of Ivano-Frankivsk in Western Ukraine, is called Bandera - and loves dressing up in patriotic costumes amid the country's fight against Russia's invasion.

His costumes include military garb, the iconic pink hat worn by Oleh Psiuk, the frontman of Eurovision winners Kalush Orchestra, and that of a Bayraktar drone - the unmanned aircraft that has wreaked havoc from the air on Russian military vehicles.

He has even posed with the Javelin anti-tank weapon known as 'St. Javelin' thanks to its effectiveness against Russian forces. He is also pictured with a felt Molotov cocktail in front of a drawing of the Kremlin.

Recent photos in military kit celebrate Ukraine's Day of Heroes, which took place on 23 May. He also donned an embroidered shirt for Vyshyvanka Day - on which Ukrainians celebrate their national dress - on the third Thursday of May.

His owner, Anna, also has a parrot and a second cat. Bandera is named after Ukrainian national hero Stepan Bandera - who proclaimed Ukrainian statehood during World War II.

Since Russia invaded on 24 February, a number of Ukrainian animals have gained social media fame - including Stepan the cat, who has become an Instagram celebrity, and Patron the Jack Russell terrier, who sniffs out explosives.

You can visit Bandera's Instagram at:

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