Bam Margera leaves rehab again

Bam Margera has left rehab again credit:Bang Showbiz
Bam Margera has left rehab again credit:Bang Showbiz

Bam Margera has fled rehab - again.

The 'Jackass' star has been receiving treatment at a court-ordered residential facility in Florida, but he was spotted leaving the 57 Tavern in Sarasota with a mystery woman in the early hours of Monday (06.09.22) morning.

Sources told TMZ Bam left treatment on Sunday (05.09.22) and has told family and friends he made a new friend in rehab, a lawyer, who has advised the skateboarder he could help him get out of the court-ordered treatment programme by leaving the state.

Bam is believed to be staying with a family friend in Florida, but as of last week has stopped speaking to his mother and father, and hasn't heard from his estranged wife Nikki or seen their four-year-old son Phoenix since the end of June.

The rehab facility haven't yet reported Bam missing, but once they do - which is expected in the next few days - police and an intervention team will search for him, with the goal of returning him to the clinic, if he hasn't voluntarily returned by then.

This isn't the first time the 42-year-old star has quit rehab.

In June, he disappeared from the facility twice.

After he went missing for the first time, Bam had previously agreed to return voluntarily to the clinic after being found, and a crisis intervention team escorted him back to the facility.

The star's manager had reported him missing after he told the clinic manager he would be checking himself into a different rehabilitation establishment in the area before he fled the premises in a black sedan.

He is said to have told staff at the centre he was “unhappy” and was planning to “split”.

Less than two weeks later, he went missing again but was found by a crisis team including his parents, who held an intervention after locating him.

He is said to have fled the facility because he was concerned he wouldn't see his son again if he stayed.

But during the intervention from his parents, he was told he required treatment before he is able to see his boy and agreed to return to rehab.