Bam Margera claims marriage to Nikki Boyd wasn't official

Bam Margera claims he wasn't legally married credit:Bang Showbiz
Bam Margera claims he wasn't legally married credit:Bang Showbiz

Bam Margera has insisted he was never legally married to Nikki Boyd.

The 'Jackass' star's estranged spouse filed for divorce in February but he has asked a court to dismiss the petition because he is not a California resident and argued their union was never official.

In court documents obtained by People magazine, Bam wrote: "Boyd and I both resided in Pennsylvania from about 2010 to 2021. During these eleven (11) years, Boyd and I would occasionally travel outside of the state of Pennsylvania for business or vacation, however, we always maintained our domicile in Pennsylvania.

"My relationship with Boyd has been turbulent and unstable from the beginning and we have taken breaks from the relationship on numerous occasions.

"During these breaks Boyd would leave my home and go stay with her family in California. However, Boyd would always come back to Pennsylvania soon thereafter and we would resume our dating relationship.

"Boyd and I have never been married, legally or otherwise. To my knowledge, Boyd has never legally changed her name in any state to 'Nicole Margera.' Every driver's license or other form of identification I have seen Boyd possess bears the name 'Nicole Boyd'."

The 43-year-old stunt performer noted the couple had gone through with a "faux ceremony" in October 2013.

However, he insisted: "I fully knew and understood that Boyd and I were not married. Boyd told me that she also knew and understood that we were not married."

Bam also argued Nikki relocated to California with their five-year-old son Phoenix when their relationship ended in autumn 2021 in order to use legislation there.

He claimed she filed a petition for custody and support for the little boy under a "false name" of Nicole Margera and asked for Bam to have visitation rights only in the Los Angeles County region.

Bam wrote: "[Boyd] moved to California, in part, for the purpose of filing these actions in California to take advantage of the putative marriage laws that exist in California but not Pennsylvania.

"[She used a false name] to fit her false narrative that we were married and that she qualified for legal separation in California."

The skateboarder also denied "numerous false statements" allegedly made by his former partner about him not supporting their son.

He wrote: "Boyd's statements alleged that I had not helped financially support my son and had refused to provide any future help.

"These statements were deeply hurtful and untrue as I have made multiple attempts to ensure that my son has been financially supported."