This Baking Hack Means You Can Make Your Own Baby Yoda Biscuits

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Disney +/@JRMcGrail

From Delish

Baby Yoda is the cutest little thing (still no word on its gender) we ever did see. A few weeks ago, it entered our lives in the form of a meme, and we haven’t been the same since.

Baby Yoda is the stand-out star of Disney + series, The Mandalorian, and when it sipped a mug of soup and became a meme, we thought about all the wonderful ways we could incorporate that little creature into our lives more. After seeing this amazing baking hack, we realised that having Baby Yoda biscuits for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day was the perfect solution.

@JRMcGrail drew our attention to this genius baking hack, which saw him use an angel biscuit cutter to make shapes in his dough. But before baking, he “chopped off” the head of the angels, and the shape was identical to a Baby Yoda.

A number of people have tried the hack, and they're all adorable, quite frankly.

The meme that made us fall in love with BY, is the one about being your mum at Christmas. You know what we’re talking about, right? Your mum is sat on the sofa drinking tea on Christmas morning, she’s wearing her boujee new dressing gown, and she’s watching coyly as you open your gift from her. As you rip off the festive paper, you discover it’s the one gift you asked for but she said she wasn’t going to get you. You look over to her and she’s got the exact same smug face as Baby Yoda, hasn’t she?

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