Baked oats are the latest recipe going viral on TikTok

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Photo credit: TikTok
Photo credit: TikTok

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Step aside feta and tomato pasta and wait your turn Oreo truffles, because there's a new viral TikTok recipe we want to try. Yep, baked oats.

If you've been anywhere near the social media app this week, your 'For You Page' has probably been stuffed full of a new breakfast option. Rather than reaching for a bowl of Cheerios or making a fancy avocado on toast, users have instead been trying their hand at a baked oats recipe.

Unlike a flapjack, the oats are blended to make a flour like consistency, before putting it in an ovenproof dish with mashed banana, your milk of choice (oat milk, anyone?) and topped with everything from chocolate chips to berries.

The result is a cake like sponge that's essentially made with your classic porridge ingredients, so it's easily passable as breakfast. And who wouldn't want cake for breakfast?

How to try TikTok baked oats

Recipes vary, but for a basic baked oats, you'll need:

  • 40g oats, blended

  • one egg

  • 35ml milk or a mashed banana

  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

  • vanilla essence or maple syrup

Once your oats are blended to a flour-like consistency, mix together with the rest of your ingredients. Add your toppings (could be anything from nuts to blueberries to chocolate chips), and bake in the oven for 8 minutes at 180 degrees.

There are loads of variations of the baked oats recipes on TikTok - so whether you fancy trying a carrot cake version or a biscoff vibe, there's almost definitely a new breakfast for you on the cards.

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