Bake Off winner David Atherton announces ‘surreal’ engagement with emotional message of queer liberation

Reiss Smith
·2-min read

David Atherton, winner of the Great British Bake Off 2019, has announced his engagement to his long-term boyfriend.

The Bake Off star shared a photo of himself and his fiancé Nik, beaming to the world: “We put a ring on it (it doesn’t fit, but I measured my own finger badly with a tape measure….not to be advised).”

Atherton confessed he isn’t sure whether he “actually asked the question” because he was “basically crying so much”.

“I didn’t have a plan B so I’m glad he said yes,” he continued.

“The smiles on our faces say it all, AND Nik is speechless as he says he’s still processing (the first time ever I’m one step ahead of this guy).”

The baker and health advisor, who was the surprise winner of last year’s Bake Off, explained that his engagement was extra special because growing up, neither he or Nik thought they’d ever be able to marry.

“This moment is especially special because it seems so surreal,” he wrote.

“We need to keep fighting for all those living in places where this isn’t possible or where there is hostility. Love wins.”

Since winning Bake Off, David Atherton has used his platform to defend the rights of the queer community, emerging as a staunch trans ally.

In a recent interview with PinkNews, he explained: “I know that certainly when I first talked about politics, a lot of people sent me comments, saying, ‘I used to like you, and now I don’t.’ I was just like, ‘Well, goodbye.’

“It’s the same for me with queer issues, I’m not going to sit back. If I believe something, I will stand up for people.

“For trans people, it’s such difficult a life to lead [right now], and to add on top of that abuse, like daily abuse, and all of this kind of negativity, even sometimes the more subtle negativity.

“People think social media is just comments, it’s not, it can run so deep.

“So I’m very much ready to stand up and fight for trans people. People pick different things to go after, and there was a time where gay men would have been targeted more.

“But I feel that we have a very easy ride at the moment compared to trans people or intersex people, and so we have a duty to stand up.”