Bake Off judge Prue Leith critiques predecessor Mary Berry’s Victoria sponge: ‘It’s a little heavier’

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Bake Off judge Prue Leith critiques predecessor Mary Berry’s Victoria sponge: ‘It’s a little heavier’

Prue Leith has described Mary Berry’s Victoria sponge recipe as being “heavier” and “a little more solid”.

The Great British Bake Off judge and fellow presenter, Paul Hollywood, were discussing the best method for making the classic cake, but not before Hollywood stated that the sweet treat’s correct title is actually a Victoria sandwich.

“Never a Victoria sponge,” he told Radio Times magazine. “There’s no such thing as a Victoria sponge.”

Leith went on to consider different approaches to the creaming method when making the cake.

“I always think the all-in-one method is Mary Berry’s method,” she said. “I’d like to do a scientific test.

“I think the all-in-one method is a little heavier, a little more solid…”

In response, Hollywood interrupted, chanting: “Mary hates Prue! Mary hates Prue!”

The 82-year-old presenter was quick to silence the celebrity chef, however, declaring: “I’ll tell you what, Paul Hollywood, I probably lift up Mary Berry’s cake book a little more than I do yours.”

Despite Hollywood’s efforts to manufacture conflict between the two women, Prue has previously spoken highly of her predecessor, writing in 2015 that Berry is “the real thing, a serious writer, not just a telly star”.

“How many of her 10 million viewers know that she has a lifetime of food writing behind her, with more than 70 cookbooks to her name?” she added.

The comments come just days before the 13th season of the hit baking show returns to UK screens.

Contestants entering the Bake Off tent this year include a nuclear scientist, a music teacher, and a nanny.

Comedians Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas will return to host the series, while Leith and Hollywood will reprise their roles as judges.

According to reports, this year’s show is set to be the most challenging yet, with tougher challenges facing the bakers.

“In the very early years, the challenges were less challenging, but as the bakers have got better, the challenges have got harder,” Leith told The Mirror.

“Can you imagine how difficult it is to judge 12 absolutely perfect, identical somethings? It’s impossible.

“So we need to have something that sorts the sheep from the goats.”

Themes for 2022 include Halloween, Mexico and, for the first time, custard.