'Badass' tourist punched a man in the face for sexually harassing her in Ireland

(Photo: @leanna_carr/Instagram)

A woman traveling solo for the first time through Europe was groped while in Ireland — but the bodybuilder knew just what to do.

While Leanna Carr was walking from her hostel to a nearby hostel in Dublin, she felt someone come up behind her and grab her backside.

“He proceeded to laugh hysterically and said ‘you’re an American, you probably liked it,'” she shared of the experience on social media. Her first reaction? To punch him in the face — and the photo of her swollen red knuckles are proof.

“I’m not a violent person & anyone who knows me knows that,” Carr, who’s a strength coach and powerlifter, shared on Instagram. “It was a situation where I felt vulnerable, threatened, & real f***ing angry. I reacted emotionally (by punching him). Not sure this was the appropriate reaction to have, but it felt right & I’m fortunate it didn’t escalate.”

Since sharing her experience, her story has gotten a lot of attention. Many expressed their support of her reaction towards the man with one person writing, “I’m so sorry that happened to you, and especially sorry it happened to you in my home town.” Another added, “As a fellow solo travler, YAAAAAS GIRL.”

In addition to the media attention and comments, Carr has also received personal messages from hundreds of women “sharing their own experiences of when they were sexually harassed or assaulted while traveling. From cat calls, lewd comments, being followed, being groped, getting flashed, etc.” She continued, “This has nothing to do with how I look, what I wear, or where I am. These types of things happen every single day due to a problematic & deep rooted mindset of disrespect and superiority. A woman should feel free to travel and explore without experiencing the fear of violence or harassment.”

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