Bad Bunny's Funniest Moments on “Saturday Night Live”

The 'Tití Me Preguntó' rapper delivered a stellar performance for his 'SNL' hosting debut on Oct. 21

<p>Will Heath/NBC via Getty</p> Bad Bunny SNL Moments

Will Heath/NBC via Getty

Bad Bunny SNL Moments

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio did not come to play.

For his Saturday Night hosting debut on Oct. 21, the artist, professionally known as Bad Bunny, fully leaned into the spirit of the show and was loose, committed and dialed into every bit. Alongside stellar cameos from Pedro Pascal, Fred Armisen and Mick Jagger, the Puerto Rico native delivered a performance that hilariously brought out his acting chops while paying homage to his Latino roots.

Check out Bad Bunny's funniest moments on SNL below.

When He Addressed the Grammys' Faux Pas in His Opening Monologue

We were barely two minutes into the rapper's stint as host before he made his first dig.

While delivering his opening monologue, Bad Bunny addressed the fact that some people thought he might have a rough go at the gig, given that English is not his first language. Brushing all the naysayers aside, he began speaking Spanish, saluting, "all the Latinos in the world, especially those that are watching live in Puerto Rico."

However, he quickly halted the monologue after noticing the SNL-generated closed captions read "[SPEAKING IN NON-ENGLISH]" a call back to the moment the Grammys failed to translate his song during a performance at the awards show earlier this year.

"Not again, not again," he joked. "Can we change that? Can we do it right?" he begged before the words were swapped to "[SPEAKING A SEXIER LANGUAGE]."

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When He Took the 'SNL' Writers on an Emotional Rollercoaster

A Shrek movie in which Michael Jackson is also a main character might seem far-fetched for some, but Benito somehow made it work for us in this sketch, which featured SNL writers and Please Don't Destroy group mates, John Higgins, Ben Marshall and Martin Herlihy.

When He Excelled at Being an Overprotective Tía

Perhaps the highlight of the night came when Bad Bunny brought out Pedro Pascal for a sequel of the "Overprotective Mom" sketch.

The premise was that Marcello Hernández's character Luis was bringing his girlfriend (Chloe Troast) home to meet his aunt, tía Rosa, played by Bad Bunny. However, when they got there, the young couple realized Luis' mother was also visiting, and hilarity ensued. (The skit even squeezed in a nepo baby joke, perhaps a nod to the rapper's relationship with Kendall Jenner.)

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When He Played an Unhinged Monarch

For this sketch, Hernández and Bad Bunny took us back centuries and played an unhinged father-son ruling duo who sent explorers to China to bring back some "silks and spices."

With SNL alumnus Fred Armisen and current cast member Mikey Day playing the purported explorers, the king and his prince were informed that the expedition didn't make it all the way to China, but instead to what is dubbed the New World, where they found other valuables instead. The monarchs are then introduced to New World goods such as turkeys, pumpkins, llamas and tomatoes — none of which go over well until they're presented with cigars and some gold.

Though they came around to the idea of the New World by the end of the bit, the king and his prince still urged the explorers to make that voyage to China happen.

When He Scored the Father of All Cameos

Long story short: Bad Bunny and Hernández were playing two brothers in a telenovela when Mick Jagger appeared.

And Then There Was a Controversy at the Convent

Bad Bunny, a.k.a Sister Theresa, became the audience's main suspect when it turned out there was a man pretending to be a nun at a remote convent in Austria in this sketch. The said poser was "clearly so sexy that even God could not stop him" from having relations with the sisters.

Turned out, the "sexual king" in question was none other than Sister Kevin, played by Mick Jagger.

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When He Played a Doting Father

A parent's love for their kids knows no bounds, and according to this sketch, it apparently can't read the room.

Benito played an older accountant at Burt's Bees, and couldn't seem to get his head in the game as the company was about to be acquired and internal shifts were imminent. Though his coworkers gave him the side eye initially, they simply fell in love with the sweet gentleman, who was ecstatic that his daughter was getting married and that his son was having a baby.

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