Backstreet Boys plan another Las Vegas residency

Backstreet Boys want to go back to Las Vegas credit:Bang Showbiz
Backstreet Boys want to go back to Las Vegas credit:Bang Showbiz

Backstreet Boys are planning another Las Vegas residency.

The 'I Want It That Way' hitmakers completed a two-year stint at Planet Hollywood in 2019 but are hoping to book another concert series there, which will last even longer, because they "loved" the experience.

Brian Littrell said: “We loved Vegas as you can settle in and it’s like you just show up to the office. You don’t forget where you are performing, you don’t have to remember the name of the city. We’re planning on going back.”

His bandmate AJ McLean added to The Sun on Sunday newspaper's Bizarre column: “Hopefully we are going back to do another residency, to play for a little longer.

"Those types of shows are easier on us as a band — there is no travel involved. If I want to leave Vegas, it’s only a 40-minute flight back to LA.

“I even moved my mum out there about five years ago and, when I go visit her, I see a whole new side.

"It’s beautiful, residential, fun, it’s warm and there is a plethora of beautiful golf courses. It’s so much more than just the strip.”

AJ enjoys making the most of the gambling opportunities offered by Sin City when he's in town.

He said: "I’ve dialled it back, but for me it’s either poker or blackjack.

“I’ve got the same table at Planet Hollywood I’ve played at since we started the residency. The same two dealers — if they’re not working, I won’t play. I have not lost yet on that table.”

The group - which also includes Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson and Howie Dorough — celebrate their 30th anniversary next year and are as close as ever.

AJ said: “Every day we have off, three or four of us are on the golf course, going for dinner together and having a lot more fun together as a group.”

Meanwhile, the band are excited about their upcoming music video 'Christmas In New York', for which they have been recreated in clay.

Brian said: “We did a claymation video. It’s going to be adorable — we had to approve our little characters.”

AJ quipped: “Four of the five look like us, except Howie, who looks like Marc Anthony. We have to fix his facial hair.”