“Bachelor” host Jesse Palmer is 'so impressed' by Daisy and Kelsey's proposal-day unity

He also shares some advice for guys hoping to date the new Bachelorette, Jenn Tran.

Each week during The Bachelor, host Jesse Palmer will answer a few questions about Joey's "journey" to find "love." Today, Jesse shares his thoughts via email about the "unprecedented" ending to Joey's season, as well as the new star of The Bachelorette.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Normally, we see you greet the final two women on proposal day, but obviously this season things were different because Daisy and Kelsey arrived together. Were you there in Tulum that day, and what was your reaction when you saw that Daisy and Kelsey chose to ride together to the Proposal Platform™? 

JESSE PALMER: Yes, I was there that day, and like everybody, I was at first surprised because we had never seen that before! I was so impressed at how Daisy and Kelsey handled that situation. They both showed so much grace and support for one another.

How would you describe the reaction in the ATFR studio audience to seeing Daisy and Kelsey in the same limo? I'm pretty sure I could hear the screams all the way from the east coast.

Everybody in our audience was making a face of shock and disbelief! Knowing what was about to happen, I had to be careful not to make any facial expressions so I wouldn’t give anything away.

<p>ABC</p> Kelsey and Daisy on 'The Bachelor'


Kelsey and Daisy on 'The Bachelor'

True or false: Joey and Daisy are the friendliest exes in Bachelor history. 

True! it’s obvious how much respect and admiration they have for one another.

You joked about not being offended that Joey has been dubbed the "best Bachelor ever" — so where would you rank yourself on a scale of one to 28?

Ha! I just hope I’m in the top 10. [Editor's note: He is.]

We have a new Bachelorette! What advice would you give to men hoping to win Jenn's heart next season? 

My advice would be to not shy away from the more serious and sensitive topics early on, and of course, be ready to have fun and show your lighter side.

Finally, you said The Bachelorette won't premiere until July. What are we supposed to do with our Monday nights until then, Jesse? HELP!

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