'Baby Yoda Sipping Soup' Is The Perfect Meme For Describing Your Mum At Christmas

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Disney +

From Delish

You’ve probably seen this image of ‘Baby Yoda sipping soup’ all over your Instagram feed this weekend. The little guy/gal appeared on the Disney + series, The Mandalorian, on Friday.

Ever since then, the Internet has done what it does best and made the adorable little creature into some amazing memes.

But our personal favourite is the one about Baby Yoda being your mum at Christmas. You know what we’re talking about, right? Your mum is sat on the sofa drinking tea on Christmas morning, she’s wearing her boujee new dressing gown, and she’s watching coyly as you open your gift from her. As you rip off the festive paper, you discover it’s the one gift you asked for but she said she wasn’t going to get you. You look over to her and she’s got the exact same smug face as Baby Yoda, hasn’t she?

It also reminded us of this incredible meme:

Photo credit: Facebook

Back to Baby Yoda for a second, we’re calling him/her that, but we’re not totally sure that’s the right way of putting it.

Luckily Entertainment Tonight asked writer, producer, and Star Wars collaborator David Filoni whether ‘Baby Yoda’ is an accurate name for this snuggly little creature, and he said yes and no basically. Great…

“That’s fine,” David said. “All part of the mystery.”

So to sum up... please don’t come for me on Twitter because I don’t know much about Star Wars.

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