Baby Skylar Dresses Like Super Fashion Stylist Mummy Rachel Zoe

We often find ourselves wondering how Rachel Zoe would have dressed her first born had her first born been a little girl. Okay, well we don’t find ourselves thinking it all that often, but still, can you imagine the wardrobe of frocks and Alice bands and bows and frills and shoes that little girl would have?? She’d deffers give that Harper Seven Beckham a run for her mini Gucci’s that’s for sure.

But Rachel Zoe’s first born was not a girl, he is a – very, very cute – little boy who regular readers will know is called Skylar (check out our gallery of uber gorge pics of the little man). He doesn’t dress like his Mummy - he dresses very stylishly - but he doesn’t dress like Mummy. Until now. Here we have the first sighting of Skylar – who turns one next week – sporting a near identical Beanie hat to the one his fashion savvy Momma had been seen wearing while out on a shopping trip in Beverly Hills.

We can't decide whether Rachel chose the Beanie for Skylar and thought it looked so adorable that she wanted one all for herself, or if her son's styling was a deliberate sartorial statement. Whatever the origins of this matchy-matchy mother-son hat purchasing, we totes approve. In fact we love it so much that we have decided to take this opportunity to look back at some of our favourite looks from the first year in the life of Hollywood’s most stylish young man-to-be…

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