Five-month-old baby gets mistaken for doll thanks to shoulder-length hair

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor

A mother has shared how she is regularly stopped in the street over her baby’s extraordinary hair – with people mistaking her infant daughter for a doll.

Katie Canham, 32, a mum of four from Bromley in South London, says she “couldn’t believe” how much hair her daughter, Dolly, had when she was born.

“The first time I saw her I couldn’t believe it, even the midwife couldn’t believe it, she said ‘Oh my God I’ve never seen a baby with that amount of hair’,” she says.

None of Canham’s three other children had anywhere near this much hair at birth, she explains.

Katie Canham, 32, mum of four, from Bromley, South London, said her daughter Dolly was born with a full head of hair. [Photo: Caters]

Now, at just five months old, little Dolly has hair that reaches her shoulders – requiring hair-cuts and daily brushing. She also also styles her daughter’s locks using hair accessories.

Dolly has already had her first haircut and gets often mistaken for a doll. [Photo: Caters]

““The first time I bathed her hair it was amazing; I couldn’t believe how long it was,” says Canham. “She had her fringe cut at three months old because it was getting in her eyes.”

“I can actually put it up in a ponytail, I can put clips and everything to keep it out of her face,” she adds.

Little Dolly causes a stir when her mother takes her out in public.

“People usually say she looks like a doll and when I tell them her name is Dolly, they say ‘that is the perfect name’.”

Dolly's long hair has to be brushed daily. [Photo: Caters]

Parents will be familiar with the age-old belief that heartburn during pregnancy is linked to having a baby with an above-average level of hair – and Canham said this was certainly true in her case.

“Some people ask if I got lots of heartburn when I was pregnant which is true- all I could feel towards the end of my pregnancy was heartburn,” she adds.

We hope Dolly appreciates her larger-than-life mane when she grows up!

She may be giving Japanese tot and viral sensation Baby Chanco – who has been featured in a Pantene advertisement – a run for her money.

Chanco was born in December 2017 with a full head of hair, and her mane has gone from strength to strength ever since.