Baby animals at Australian zoo celebrate first Christmas

Australian Reptile Park/Cover Images

Animals at the Australian Reptile Park have celebrated their first Christmas.

These included Lizzie the wombat joey; Vegemite, Toast, Cheese and Pickles the Tasmanian devil joeys; Olaf the koala joey, as well as other Christmas cuties born this year.

Mammals Keeper Tyler Lowe said, "We love getting into the Christmas spirit here and so do our animals! We needed to make sure these little guys had the perfect first Christmas and I think we pulled it off!"

Lowe continued, "Although the park itself closes on Christmas Day, a few keepers still come to work to ensure the animals are fed and enjoying Christmas just like everyone else. It's just as important to us that we spend our Christmas with these guys as well as our human families, they are a part of our family too!"