B&M Is Selling A Yard Of Jäger And We're Suddenly Up For A Jägerbomb

Marianna Gould
Photo credit: Money Saver Online / Facebook

From Delish

We've seen the yard of Pot Noodle, along with the yard of Super Noodles, Pringles AND Jaffa's. And just as we thought things couldn't really get any better, B&M has introduced another brand-new yard creation. Say hello to a whole yard of Jäger. Yep, the budget retailer is now selling booze filled yards of alcoholic goodness - beginning with Jägermeister.

Photo credit: From The Supplier

You'll get 10 (20ml) mini bottles of Jäger for under a tenner! Not bad, if you ask. But there has been some interesting comments made about the new sell. According to The Mirror, after being posted on the Facebook page - 'Money Saver Online', the post received some backlash.

People commented saying:

"Don't get mugged off! Clearly says 10 x 2cl minis. That's 200ml for a tenner when a 700ml bottle's less than £20!"

"Got this last year they are only small bottles got four drinks out of it. I'd rather buy a big bottle that lasts longer."

Hm, I guess they have a point?

If you're into the whole booze-themed Christmas items, then you'll probably also like the idea of a Beer Bauble? (Thought so). Then again, if beer’s not your thing, The Bottle Club is also selling other boozy baubles. You can choose between the likes of 50ml bottles of Whitley Neill Raspberry gin and Baileys Irish Cream.

Photo credit: The Bottle Club

Either way the yard of miniatures is described by B&M as "the perfect gift for that awkward Secret Santa," and we can't help but agree...