B&M Is Selling A Nutella S’mores Kit And It’s Wild

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B&M Is Selling A Nutella S’mores Kit And It’s Wild

For some reason, us lot in the UK aren’t as into s’mores as our pals over in the US of A. Not sure why, tbh, because s’mores are just about one of the tastiest treats known to man. Plus, they are so insanely easy to make.

But luckily B&M stores are making s’mores more readily available to us Brits, and for that, we are eternally grateful. And these aren't just any old s’mores… they're Nutella s’mores!

Spotted on @newfoodsuk’s Instagram, this Nutella s’mores kit is the stuff of dreams. Costing just £3 a kit, you’ll get eight s’mores to share with friends/keep all to yourself. Each kit contains Nutella, marshmallows and sweet crackers. Yum!

As well as this Nutella s’mores kit, B&M is also selling a Marshmallow Toasting Set, which is also perfect for making our beloved s’mores.

Featuring an electric flameless heater, compartment trays and metal forks, this thing is ideal for making delicious-tasting s'mores. Not to mention, it's super-safe!

Perfect for nights in with the family or camping trips with your mates, this is a must-buy in our books (especially if you're a fan of all things marshmallow and chocolate, like us).

This kit is a little pricier at £20, but you do get a whole load of stuff included.

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