B&M Is Selling A Cadbury Favourites Game Full Of The Best Australian Chocolates

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Christmas is most definitely the time to eat chocolate and play games with your family. But what if we told you, you could do both at the same time? Dreamy, right?

Well, guess what… you can! And it’s all thanks to Cadbury’s Favourites Games Edition.

This super-exciting Cadbury selection tin is currently on sale in B&M stores, and it features a load of mini versions of our favourite Australian chocolates, including Cherry Ripes, Carmellos and Old Golds.

Seriously… why is it that chocolate from other countries is always more exciting than the stuff we have here?

“So, what makes this a game?” we hear you cry. Well, when you open the tin, inside there’s a spinner, with a load of challenges you have to complete before you’re allowed to grab a chocolate and stuff your face. You have to work for your chocolate in this game, we’re afraid.

You can pick up the Cadbury Favourites Game Edition in B&M stores now!

Speaking of exciting foreign Cadbury treats, have you seen these Cadbury Marshmallow Santas?

These super-cute little Father Christmas chocolate treats are made up soft marshmallow, which is then smothered in thick Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

Have you ever heard of anything so dreamy in your life?

Now, the good news is… these exist and we love them! The bad news is, they’re not from the UK – they’re from Australia, so you have to order them online.

We found them on the Goodies Sweets website, and you can grab yourself one (or a whole bunch) for £1.49 each, not including postage and packaging.

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