Azealia Banks to showcase 'mature' voice on new music

Azealia Banks is adamant her voice has "matured a lot" in recent years.

During an interview for Dazed magazine, the controversial rapper-singer claimed that she has recorded numerous songs for two potential albums, Fantasea II and Business & Pleasure.

Reflecting on her new sound, Azealia indicated that she has been experimenting with her voice.

"My voice has definitely matured a lot, and I feel really sexy when I sing now," she said. "When you're younger, especially when you come from theatre like I do, you're kind of listening to yourself as you sing, to make sure that you sound pretty. But I don't care about sounding pretty. Because I've realised that I'm f**king gorgeous."

And while 212 hitmaker Azealia may have made her name as a rapper, she never wants to be defined by just one genre.

"I do have some house songs, but a lot of my category is technically electronic music, and people really do gloss over how great of a traditional rapper I am," the 31-year-old continued. "I've done everything. I'm singing opera on (2014 track) JFK. I'm doing dembow on (2020 song) Salchichón. I'm doing bossa nova with that cover of Chega de Saudade. I put out a f**king Christmas record. I just like music."