Ayo Edebiri Realizes the Level of Jennifer Lopez’s Popularity in ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo

Ayo Edebiri learns about the power of Jennifer Lopez in the first promo for her Saturday Night Live hosting debut.

Edebiri is set to lead this weekend’s episode of the NBC sketch show alongside musical guest Lopez. This is the Bear star’s first time taking the stage for SNL, while Lopez marks her fourth episode as musical guest.

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In the video that was released Wednesday, Edebiri walks into Studio 8H to see a number of SNL castmembers feeling exhausted as they prepare for their third new episode of season 49 in as many weeks. The actress doesn’t like what she’s hearing and decides to give them an emotional, Ted Lasso-style pep talk.

“This show could be the greatest show of our lives, and you’re just gonna let that opportunity slip away?” Edebiri asks. “One hundred million people will be watching.”

After she is informed that the viewership number is wildly inaccurate, Edebiri explains, “I just wanted to get you guys hyped because this is my first time hosting, and J.Lo is also going to be the musical guest.”

Her comment immediately spurs an enthusiastic reaction from the castmembers, who then treat a nearby television set like the “Believe” sign from Ted Lasso, which doesn’t end well for the TV.

Edebiri recently won an Emmy for her role as Sydney on The Bear, and her 2023 credits also include the films Theater Camp and Bottoms. It was announced this week that she had to drop out of her planned role in the Marvel Studios movie Thunderbolts due to scheduling conflicts and has been replaced by Geraldine Viswanathan.

Next month, Lopez is set to release her ninth studio album, This Is Me… Now, in addition to an accompanying musical film for Prime Video entitled This Is Me… Now: A Love Story.

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