We’re in Awe of Olivia Ponton in Her Hot Pink Ab-Baring Athleisure Set

Olivia Ponton.<p>Lexie Moreland/Getty Images</p>
Olivia Ponton.

Lexie Moreland/Getty Images

We’ve said it already: Barbie pink isn’t staying in 2023. The iconic color, which has swept street style ever since Greta Gerwig’s hit movie, Barbie, hit the theaters last summer, is just as in as ever. At least, we’re declaring it so.

So, too, is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Olivia Ponton, it seems. Her latest Instagram carousel makes it clear that the hot pink shade isn’t leaving her wardrobe anytime soon, and we couldn’t approve of the choice more.

In the post, the model shared a series of snaps in her best athleisure, including one in a matching hot pink sports bra and leggings set, which cemented her continued support for the vibrant shade.

“let me be hot in peace,” she joked in the caption of the post, which featured a series of casual photos from the past few weeks and months in New York.

It isn’t the first time that the 21-year-old has sported the bright shade—nor the first time that she has shared content in this very set. It’s a statement-maker, to be sure, and she showed it off accordingly.

As we’re in the midst of awards season, Barbie is still very much cycling through the current lexicon. But, even if that weren’t the case, we wouldn’t blame Ponton for gravitating to the shade. Frankly, she absolutely rocks it. We would never expect her to stop on account of changing trends—and we don’t think she would, either. It’s simply not her style.

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