Avril Lavigne debuts peroxide lob hair and proves she hasn't aged a day since her ‘Let Go’ era

“As the famous Canadian professor Avril Lavigne-stein once said, and I quote: why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?". Avril's legendary Let Go era will forever live in our heads (and hearts) rent free – as will this quote from the iconic scene in New York Minute. So, we were overjoyed when we saw Miss Lavigne return to her noughties roots by debuting a grungy peroxide lob hairstyle during Paris Fashion Week.

The last we heard of the signer's hair, YungBlud was giving it a chop whilst Avril sat on the toilet (not a fever dream, this really did happen). So, it's safe to say, Avril may have gone to the professionals for her latest hair look (thankfully – no shade to YungBlud and his hairdressing skills).

We're loving this peroxide blunt lob hair on her.

The singer was previously experimenting with ombre orange tresses, but it seems she's returned to her blonde era and ditched her Fanta-esque highlights.

In another pic shared to her Instagram followers, Avril's perfectly paired the new colour and style with some tousled bedhead waves and a thick coating of black eyeliner (obvs). It's really giving us teenage angst vibes.

The singer confirmed last year whilst recreating her renowned Let Go cover – just 20 years later – that she really hasn't aged a day since her debut album dropped, and these pics only confirm our suspicions.

With fan's commenting that the new hair *screams* a new music era, we're eagerly awaiting news in that area, too. But for now, we're loving the new 'do, Avril.

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