Avril Lavigne debuts new bob cut and it's the shortest her hair has ever been

IDK about you but when I tend to get my haircut, I like to go to a salon and sit in a hairdresser-approved chair... y'know, the comfy ones that go up and down. Normal, right? Well, apparently not for Avril Lavigne, because instead of going to the professionals, she had fellow musician, YungBlud cut her hair whilst they were both sat on the toilet. Uhhh, yeah. Well, now, she's only gone and revealed the end result of that cut and surprisingly, it's the most clean-looking flicky bob.

OK, so, if you're a little confused, allow me to contextualise: last week, the two singers took to Instagram to share said toilet video, which we now know to be a promotional 'stunt' for their new music collaboration, named I’m A Mess. Clever, huh?

With a pair of scissors, YungBlud chopped a good few inches off the ends of Avril's blonde-meets-fanta orange extensions. Watch the viral video below:

As you can see, the video ended pretty abruptly but thankfully for us, it wasn't too long until Avril gave us a hair reveal. A few days after the initial video was released, she uploaded a series of IG pics, showcasing her new locks in all their glory.

Now, maybe I'm being cynical but surely this cannot be the result of toilet-gate... it's way too, well, perfect!

In terms of the style, the rockstar has opted for a blunt shoulder-length bob that has been straightened inwards with a flick. And as for the colour, she has kept the blonde with orange highlights, topped off with a natural brunette root.

I think hairdressing is your calling, Yung...

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