How to avoid a hangover this holiday season

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With so many social gatherings and festive events in December, many of us will find ourselves nursing a sore head at some point this month.

While that extra glass of Champagne during the festivities may mean you can't avoid a hangover altogether, Lucy Jade Webb, nutritionist and healthy lifestyle advisor at Vitamist, is adamant there are some ways to help combat the horror.

Eat before you leave home

Even if you think there will be snacks at the party, be sure to eat something before you head out.

"Eating something will line your stomach and will help to slow down the rate your body is absorbing the alcohol. Try a meal including carbohydrates such as pasta or rice to help," she said.

Stay hydrated

It's a good idea to alternate alcoholic drinks with water, soft drinks, or mocktails to keep yourself hydrated.

"Drink water when you get home from the party and keep one at the side of the bed to drink throughout the night/in the morning," the nutritionist explained. "And if you are really struggling the day after the night before, you could try a rehydration tablet or sachet to help restore any lost salt and minerals."

Avoid junk food

Though it's tempting to grab a takeaway or raid the fridge when you get home from a party, eating fatty, salty foods can impact the way we feel the next day.

"Toast is always helpful if you are feeling a little queasy and can help you to soak up the alcohol. You could always have a different carbohydrate such as pitta and dip it in hummus for a quick snack," Webb shared. "If you're a snacker, when you get home, try swapping the crisps for some popcorn. It can help to satisfy those salty cravings, as well as being a lower calorie snack that won't sit heavy on your stomach."

Remember to take your vitamins

Even if you are feeling queasy from a big night, do try to take your vitamins as soon as you feel able.

"Drinking alcohol can lessen the absorption of nutrients that are essential, such as B vitamins, folic acid, zinc and vitamin C. So, the day after drinking try to restore these nutrients by using a supplement," she added. "I would recommend Vitamist, an effective formula designed to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream with a simple spray. It also avoids you having to swallow a tablet, which can be hard if you're feeling nauseous."

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