'Avengers: Infinity War' cast made these self-portraits for charity: Guess who's the most popular

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

We already know the identities of the funniest Avenger (Iron Man), the most soulful Avenger (Vision), and the strongest Avenger (Thor … no wait, Hulk … no, definitely Thor). Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live, we now know which of Marvel’s supergroup is the most artistic Avenger. In the run-up to the record-setting release of Avengers: Infinity War last week, Kimmel hosted the cast of that all-star comic book blockbuster in rotating groups and challenged them to an unofficial game of Win, Lose or Draw in which they had to sketch their Marvel-ous alter egos.

Of course, because this game was for charity — specifically the Starlight Children’s Foundation — there are no losers. In fact, we declare everyone involved in this hilarious stunt a winner, from the actors to Kimmel’s staff for dreaming it up. That said, now that their adorably amateurish drawings have been available for auction for the past week — head to Charitybuzz to scope out the results and place your bid — not all of these heroes are created equal to potential bidders. Take Tom Hiddleston, whose devilish sketch of the mischief-minded Loki currently boasts “highest-bid” status. If you ask us, he got one of his doubles to drive up the price.

Some of the Avengers sketches available as part of a Jimmy Kimmel Live charity drive. (Photo: Charitybuzz)

Bringing up the rear, sadly, is War Machine. Don Cheadle’s minimalist sketch of Tony Stark’s comrade-in-iron only stands at $650. That’s gonna earn him a lifetime of ribbing from Tony … as if he’s not already enduring that.

More Avengers images benefitting for a charity auction benefitting the Starlight Children’s Foundation (Photo: Charitybuzz)

Even though bidders seem to like Loki’s sketch best, he’s not exactly an Avenger; though we would argue that he emerges from Infinity War as a hero. And while Downey’s Iron Man portrait is the most detailed, there’s ample visual evidence that he totally cheated.

Our vote for most artistic Avenger must go to Tom Holland for his dynamic portrait of Spider-Man, which, he revealed, is inspired in part by O.G. wall-crawler Tobey Maguire. From improvising whole speeches to drawing comic-book-ready portraits, Holland can do whatever a spider (man) can.

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