Aubergine-Flavoured Condoms Are Here (Kind Of)


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For the innocent or less emoji-acquainted of us, an aubergine is a humble vegetable well placed in a vegetable chilli or as a pizza topping.

But as many of us have come to realise, the purple foodstuff also has rather phallic qualities, and has been used in cheeky contexts on social media and private messaging.

So it was only a matter of time before Durex joined the sexualised-eggplant party and released eggplant-flavoured condoms.

Well… Supposedly.

Durex announced on Twitter yesterday that “we’re launching an exciting new savoury #condom range - Eggplant flavour!” along with an image of the new ‘product’ - but it was soon found out to be a hoax.

A weird hoax, you may think, but according to Durex, it was really to promote their campaign for a condom emoji; a project which was launched last year for World AIDS Day.

The idea is that - a little like the emojis representing working women introduced earlier this year - it can make a big difference to how people communicate with each other and what they consider to be the norm, e.g. wearing condoms during sex.

Perhaps by having a condom emoji, Durex argues, it will make it easier to bring up using one in real life.

Fair play, Durex.

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