ATM and signage to be removed from town centre bank which closed last year

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The former Barclays branch in Clitheroe <i>(Image: Google)</i>
The former Barclays branch in Clitheroe (Image: Google)

An ATM is to be removed and signage will be taken down from a former town centre bank.

Plans to remove the signage, external ATM, internal counters and furniture in the former Barclays Bank in Clitheroe which closed last year.

A report reads: “Works to the banking hall are restricted to the public space immediately within the branch.

“The existing partition and fixtures, counters, which are to be removed are themselves modern.

“The original building fabric will not be altered, removed or concealed. All existing original features will not be affected by the proposed works.

“The proposed works are intended to return the building to pre-Barclays occupation as much as it is possible preserving the listed building status.”

The planning application allows the removal of the external signage; CCTV camera; alarm box; the night safe with the hole to be filled in with matching stonework; and the ATM, with the gap to be filled in with matching stonework to match existing.

Inside, the internal counters and all internal furniture will be removed.

The report adds: “The existing counters and adjacent stud partitions will be removed. The existing aperture where the night safe sits will infill with stonework to match existing.

“The existing aperture where the ATM sits will infill with stonework to match existing.

“All works are intended to involve the minimum intervention and to be reversible in the future, allowing the building to evolve and maintain the possibility of new uses or layouts within the context of its listed status.”

When the bank closed in September, they said that 87 per cent of branch customers use online and phone banking and that only three customers used the branch exclusively for their banking.

There are no plans yet as to what will happen with the grade-II listed building in the town centre.

Last month, the NatWest bank branch on York Street in Clitheroe closed its doors to customers, leaving residents with just three banks in the town.