Astrology Nails Are Trending, and They're Pretty Spectacular

Elinor Block

When it comes to nail art, it's safe to say we're back on board with nails adorned with lines, patterns and block colours. But the newest trend is one for the dreamers, the stargazers, the "I read my star sign every single day and believe every single word it says" kind of people (me). Astrology nail art isn't new, but recently, it's been cropping up on our Instagram feeds more and more, and we're here for it.

Keep scrolling to see our favourite astrology design, and then the other nail art designs you need to screen grab ahead of your next salon visit. 

We couldn't do a nail art roundup and not include the latest trend on the block: astrology nails. Opt for a different sign on each nail like this incredible design, on a painted nail or go extra chic and have it on a glossy clear nail. 

Our local @shoreditchnails salon always comes up trumps when it comes to bright, fun nail art designs, and this look is no different.

Every now and then, we can't seem to resist the lure of a sequin or two, which is why we'd like to try out @shoreditchnails’s starry manicure.

London It girls head to Dry By for their minimalist nail-art fix, like this softly hand-swiped style. Based elsewhere? Follow them on Instagram for a constant stream of inspiration.

Backstage nail artist Michelle Humphrey knows her way around a striping brush, which definitely shows with this purple-tipped, white-mooned mani.

From the creative that brought us wire nails comes this incredible surrealist-style manicure. It's super easy to re-create, especially when you're armed with Barry M's Black Nail Art Pen (£3).

We love this '70s vibe, block-shaped manicure by nail expert Madeline Poole

When all else fails, a simple blue dot at the base of the nail can look super chic. Follow @aliciatnails for more super-pared-back inspo like this.

Simple black and white lines are super chic over a clear varnish. This look will also go with any outfit you own.   

For a pop of colour, try Torih's blood-dripped nail with silver-studded cuticles.

It never ceases to amaze us how session nail artist Cherrie Snow can make something so simple look so cool. 

The new take on a classic French manicure—add an extra stripe of white for a fresh look.

While we love the inverted French mani, the real draw is the simple silver line through the middle of the nail. 

Want something colourful still? Opt for this elegant look.

You need a steady hand for this look, but playing with the combination of matte and high-shine texture rather than colour is a super-subtle nail design we can totally get on board with.

The Body Shop Nail Art Pen (£5)

Once you have your clear coat on, it's time to dip this pen into your chosen colour and dab away. 

Essential Nails Nail Art Striping Brush (£4)

For more painterly swipes, try an ultra-thin striping brush like this one.

Elegant Touch Stylist Tape (£4)

Create fine lines with this tape. 

WAH London Nail Trend Digi Kit (£23)

Lettering also makes for great nail art, and WAH London's kit takes all the fiddliness out of drawing your own.

Sensationail Gold Nail Art Tape (£1)

Love the look of the gold stripes? Use this tape to create intricate steady lines that don't require painting them (which is only for the serious nail-art aficionado).

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