Ashton Kutcher mic drops catfish, predicts Nashville Stanley Cup (Video)

The Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators play Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final on Thursday night.

You’ve no doubt seen and heard much analysis about the series, and many predictions on who will capture the championship. Obviously, that was all just noise ahead of the prognostication of a true sports oracle:

Ashton Kutcher.

He and “The Ranch” co-star Danny Masterson were presenting at the 2017 CMT Awards on Wednesday night, when the former Michael Kelso walked on stage with an instrument of crime, a.k.a. a catfish.

He mic-dropped the fish after saying the word “NASHVILLE.”

Kutcher then made his bold prediction:

“Do you know what Canada is going to call Carrie Underwood next week?” he asked. “’Carrying the Stanley Cup around this great city of Nashville!'”

Because her name is Carrie!

Underwood, who is married to Predators captain Mike Fisher, laughed loudly from the audience, having not seen Ashton Kutcher release a dead fish since he executive produced “The Butterfly Effect.”

So there you go: Ashton Kutcher calls the Stanley Cup Final for the Nashville Predators. It was a good run, Pittsburgh.

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