Ashley Tisdale's response to not getting an invite to the Met Gala is truly iconic

Photo credit: Ashley Tisdale - Instagram
Photo credit: Ashley Tisdale - Instagram

Well folks, it's finally here. The 2022 Met Gala, and between theme confusion and awkward interviews it really does feel like home, doesn't it? And, as per usual there are a whole host of famous people not invited to the event, and after not getting the call up for another year book club icon Ashley Tisdale decided to respond to the snub on Twitter. And, it's truly something.

Every year we have the Met Gala and then we have the drama over who wasn't invited to the Met Gala. After all, the fact that Khloé Kardashian wasn't invited for years was a source of big drama and a lot of rumours.

Well, one celebrity who wasn't invited this year (although, tbf, she never has been) is High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale. Well, apparently, she's had enough of it.

While celebs were making their way up the historic Met Gala steps Tisdale took to Twitter to joke with fans about what she would wear if she ever did get invited, and we can't help but think this looks like the best theme ever?

"If I ever get invited to the #MetGala I would replicate one of my past iconic looks…" she tweeted, along with four snaps of her in iconically terrible noughties red carpet outfits, from skirts over jeans to feather boas and an inexplicable piano clutch bag.

I mean, clearly it's all hideous but is it also kind of incredible?!

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