Ashley Tisdale says launching her new skin care line, Being Frenshe was 'the hardest thing'

Ashley loves her skincare line credit:Bang Showbiz
Ashley loves her skincare line credit:Bang Showbiz

Ashley Tisdale says launching her skin care line was “the hardest thing”.

The ‘High School Musical’ star believes that people saying its not are just “putting their name on it” as she debuts her new beauty line Being Frenshe, a new offering - which is exclusively at Target and all products, including creams, cleansers and oils, are under $17 - from her lifestyle platform, Frenshe.

The 37-year-old actress told Allure magazine: "It's the hardest thing I've truly ever worked on. Anyone who says it's easy probably is putting just their name on it — [starting a beauty brand] is a full-time job."

Ashley - who has four-month-old daughter Jupiter with her husband Christopher French -believes her “intuition was helping” and her faith in the products she was creating.

She said: "Trusting every part of it and knowing that my intuition was helping me, and having those moments where I cried at night, but then getting back up and being like, 'I believe in this product'"

The ‘He Said She Said’ hitmaker - who boasts 15 million followers on Instagram - had no plan to make a business but wanted to “share” her tips and tricks.

Ashley said: "I wanted to share my experience and help others through whatever they were going through — and it was just about connecting with people.”

The line includes five candles - each inspired by different moods - with scents that helped her remain “grounded” during the early days of COVID-19.

Ashley said: "I was really creating these rituals to keep myself grounded [during the pandemic], and a lot of it had to do with my candles,"

"I was realizing that, 'Oh wow, when I open a window and light a candle, it changes my mood.'"