Ashley Greene felt like an 'alien' after giving birth

Ashley Greene has returned to working out credit:Bang Showbiz
Ashley Greene has returned to working out credit:Bang Showbiz

Ashley Greene is still adjusting to her postpartum figure.

The 35-year-old actress has Kingsley, five months, with her husband Paul Khoury, and Ashley has admitted to feeling like an "alien" after she gave birth.

Discussing her post-pregnancy fitness routine, Ashley shared: "I just had the goal of wanting to feel connected and like myself again.

"I felt like I was an alien in my own body for awhile. And I really wanted to feel like I had control again."

Ashley would love to reclaim her pre-pregnancy figure. However, she's not going to rush the process.

She told E! News: "Would I like everything to be hard again and there to be no jiggle when I jump? Sure.

"But I'll probably get there in a year, versus saying, 'In three months I'm going to be back to where I was.' I think that's another key factor, is not putting an unrealistic expectation on things."

Ashley recognises that exercising is also key to her mental health.

The actress said: "The hardest part for me about not working out is really the mental wellness side to it. Because I feel like if I hit that ten-day marker, I am not as happy as a person, I don't have as much optimism."

Meanwhile, Ashley previously admitted that "everything changed" in her life after meeting her baby for the first time.

Alongside a photo of her daughter, she wrote on Instagram: "And just like that - everything changed. In a single moment, you came into our world and everything else faded away. Nothing else mattered. The love we're engulfed in cannot be explained, only felt in the deepest of ways. We love you so much baby girl. Welcome to our world."