Ashley Graham swears by this £10 make-up bag hero

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Photo credit: Erin Baiano/St Tropez
Photo credit: Erin Baiano/St Tropez

Ashley Graham has shared the summer beauty essentials she can't be without.

Speaking to the Red beauty team for our August issue (out now), the model and podcast host explained her 'beauty routine changed overnight when I became a mom'.

'We did sleep training, so I have a life in the evenings now, but in the morning I’m very much a rinse-my-face-and-go girl,' she said.

'I have my skincare lined up in the bathroom so I can make a cocktail [of products] in my hand and put it all on at the same time. I like anything that’s fast.'

That said, Graham does invest time in 'a good glow' because she believes it's '[the] ultimate accessory'.

She said: 'It’s not so much about how I look, it’s really about how it makes me feel. Self-tan makes me feel put together, and just incredibly confident. What’s not good about glow?'

We agree. So what does she use? Her favourite self-tan is St.Tropez Purity Face Mist, £22, which she describes as 'a game-changer' when it comes to mastering that non-streaky bronzed finish we all covet.

'I spray it all over,' she says. 'My face can stay tan no matter where I am, and my back can get done too, even if my husband isn’t there to rub it in. When I’m done, I make a claw shape and spray the backs of my hands. It’s the first tan I’ve done where my palms don’t look disgusting when I’ve finished!'

Graham is also a big fan of a budget bronzer: 'The Revlon SkinLights Face Glow Illuminator, £9.99, is so good,' she says.

'I put it under my foundation, but you could just do the high points of your face. Then I use a blush on my cheek and an eyeshadow that connects everything. I put tanning mousse on the tip of a brush, and put it where I want to look chiselled. I wake up and I’m already contoured for the day.'

But you won't catch the model and mum-of-one heading out without a generous application of her go-to sunscreen.

'My dermatologist taught me the importance of SPF,' Graham told Red. 'She got a spoon out and squeezed sunscreen right on to it, to show me how muchI should be using on my face every day. Before that, I just did a little dab. Now I slather it on.

'My favourite sunscreen is from Italy. Dermophisiologique looks white but turns clear when you put it on your face. I’ve worn it on boats all over the world and I’ve never gotten burnt – when you’re on a boat, it’s a different kind of light.'

You can read our full interview with Ashley Graham in Red's August issue (out now).

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