Ashley Graham shows off her growing baby bump in naked Instagram picture

Catriona Harvey-Jenner

From Cosmopolitan

Ashley Graham is pregnant, expecting her first child with husband of nine years Justin Ervin, and we couldn't be more excited for her. Not only because it's such a momentous life occasion, but also because it means we're in for some powerful messages of body positivity for pregnant women.

Just a few days ago, the model posted an intimate photograph of her curves and stretch marks, proving she's proud of her evolving body as it grows a baby. And now, she's followed it up with another naked photograph showing off her blossoming baby bump.

Ashley is currently on holiday (babymoon?) in the idyllic St. Barths, and has been undergoing some R & R, making the most of the spa facilities at Le Barthélemy Hotel where she's staying. Posting a nearly-naked photograph of herself on Instagram, Ashley can be seen with her robe draped over her back, baby bump protruding out front. And if anyone had any question over whether pregnant women really do 'glow' - this should answer it for you.

"Practicing some serious self care and feeling grateful for an hour and a half of massage bliss," Ashley wrote in the caption, and the relaxation shows on her face.

Ashley and Justin haven't made it clear exactly how far through the pregnancy they are, but by the looks of the model's growing baby bump, they probably only have three or four months left to go. Ashley's followers commented in surprise on the post at how far along she is.

"How far along? We just found out this week?!" wrote one person. "I meant we just found out about you were pregnant and your belly is beautiful!" posted another.

Having long been an advocate of body positivity, it's powerful to see a woman with such self-acceptance embracing her pregnant body just as much as she did her pre-baby body. Let's hope Ashley's highlighting of the beauty of pregnancy seeps through to any women who may be feeling insecure about the way their body is changing.

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